What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is the art and science of finding the root cause of a person's health challenges.  It definitely takes some detective work, which I love! Instead of merely addressing a symptom, my goal as practitioner is to figure out what might be going on under the surface and help support the body on the most foundational level.  And ya know what? When we do that, symptoms tend to decrease and the body is a whole lot happier.

When I talk about the “foundational level,” I’m talking about these foundations specifically:

  1. Nutrient-Dense, Whole Foods Diet

  2. Hydration

  3. Digestion

  4. Sugar Handling

  5. Minerals

  6. Vitamins

When those foundations are balanced and well, the rest of the body has a MUCH better chance at functioning optimally.  


The Functional Evaluation

Another part of what I do (with San Diego clients only, sorry to my virtuals!) is called the Functional Evaluation (FE).  The FE is a series of palpations and pressure points. It is a way for me to physically assess a client's body and feel for tissue congestion, stress, and  inflammation as well as potential nutritional deficiencies. After we finish the FE, I am able to perform Lingual Neuro Testing (LNT) to assess which nutrients are needed for a particular issue.  The basic idea behind LNT’ing is that the tongue is constantly communicating with the brain. Every time we put a food or nutrient in our mouth, the brain is saying, “Yes, I need this!” or “No, thank you!”  As a result, the nervous system lets out a big sigh of relief when we give the body what it needs. When this happens, you might have a particular point go from being very tender to not tender at all. That’s your body’s way of saying, “Yay!  You just gave me what I need!”



I don't always recommend nutrients in supplement form since the goal is to get our nutrients from food in their most natural state, but in some cases, I might make supplement recommendations.  And again, this evaluation allows me to give recommendations that we know for certain will be beneficial you instead of taking a shot in the dark. Our bodies are very wise and once we learn how to listen to them, we have a whole window into wellness that seemed like it was non-existent before.  Gotta love it!


ONe-on-one Nutritional Therapy

Together we can take a deep-dive into looking at how your body is currently functioning and create an effective, totally-doable-plan to get you headed towards whole-person health!

Speaking & Training

There is so much that we can be doing as individuals and as a society to help our bodies optimally function. Learn practical ways to empower yourself, your company or your patients with a foundational approach to nutrition.

Online learning (coming soon)

We want to make this life-changing information available to as many people as possible. Our online courses address targeted issues that you can work through at your own pace or with a supportive cohort!